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R5B5- And Flashlights Do Not Stop Axes

Baxter is a hero of the people. As long as he gets to string up said people and leave them dangling for... hmmm... the demon cops?... to find. Maybe Bax hasn't thought this all the way through, but when was that ever a requirement for being a vigilante? Baxter has time, some kind of power, and a reasonably complex enough back story to be any kind of hero he wants to be!

The Mercs may not get to chalk up a win with their client, but it's a moral victory. Nobody got punched in the face or exploded, so that counts. Hopefully the Valkyrie have more technical-minded people than Mercy and Ruth.
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I just finished reading “The Ultimate History of Video Games” this weekend and I totally recommend it to my fine readers. It's well-written and does a nice job of going over the history, design and creation of games, the people involved, and the business behind the industry. It stops at the 2000s before the launch of the Xbox so a follow-up would be great, but the history of this one is fantastic. It's super fascinating and depressing at the same time when they talk about all the business dealings.

Continuing with our animatics for game parody ads for the Sins, I really liked the Castlevania Lords of Shadow trailer. No matter how lousy that game really is, that's a great trailer with some fantastic music and really cheesy but in a fun way narration. For Envy, I thought about doing the Demon Souls trailer too for the scene where that dragon thing roars because that's just so cliche and the kind of thing Envy would dig.
Castlevania trailer here:

And finally, a trailer for our buddy, Anger. I couldn't care less about Gears of War, but the Mad World commercial was a pretty keen way to reveal that game. And "Mad" World / Anger... It works on levels, people! Synch up the two ads with:
Gears of War commercial: