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Posted by Pip

R5B8- They Are An Understanding Peoples

Way to be ungrateful, humanity! Baxter's out there fighting crime, putting himself in danger, and holding on to the power of an entire realm and humanity is just sitting out complaining about “no longer existing”. Moochers.

This week on Mercynaries, Mercy is making friends among the Divine! Such a sociable, refined lady she is. Vote for Sins on TWC to get this week's page for free or contribute to the site to get the month's:

Bonus art in the forums! Baxter gets his super... hero? on! Human reading material is a bad influence on demons!

I cleaned up the site a bit this weekend. Things I remember doing:
Folded the Community page content into the Links and Swag pages (the page still exists in its original format if you use the direct URL)
Cleaned up the Links
Cleaned up the Swag page
Cleaned up the buttons on the main page
Added the book links to the Original Sins page

February was short on days but long on laughs! Or we can never speak of that sentence again and focus on some funny search strings that somehow led to Sins:
“pride is the strength of sin” - I don't know, that's typically been more the Envies. Prides have been the brains, annoyance, and likability though.
“pro mercs” - Are there people that are anti-Mercs? Because those would be bad people and you shouldn't hang out with them.
“chastity baxman” - Do you see them more as enemies or as a team? Well, in either case, Chastity would probably just smack Baxter around.
“anything” - I'm saddened by your lack of motivation to get here, but oddly gladdened that we're considered more of an “anything” than a lot of other things out there and we got that hit instead of a “something”.