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Posted by Pip

R5B9- Team Loyalty

Baxter hasn't needed a team of warriors or Forces, the dang guy has just needed somebody to actually believe in him and praise him for his good work/pummeling of bad guys. Baxter isn't crazy, he just lacked a decent set of parental figures. Granted, his actual factual mom was smart enough to keep Lust in line and kid appropriate, but this socially awkward cabal of murders and conquerers must just wind up being a good influence on him.

We got another awesome piece of fan art from DracoDragite! Demonstrating that the creatures that are the sleepiest are those that can destroy the most. And do it adorably. Thanks, Draco!

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Do any of you Slapeggs have any experience with Patreon? One of the site's supporters sent it my way and it sounds like a neat way to distribute Mercs work. I know a few people in the audience aren't fans of Paypal, so it sounds like something to look into. Any comments from the gallery?