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Posted by Pip

R5B14- Evil Is Under Foot

Bam! She wasn't on Armageddon's strike force just because she has awesome hair! Those armored fists come in handy! Also, having really heavy armored boots does make for an effective first strike from above.

This week on Mercs, the Divine are prone to sudden mood swings. And joining some of the Sins, rampant alcoholism. It must run with the whole “godly powers” thing. Vote for Mercs on TWC to get this week's page:

Any Slapeggs out there headed over to GDC this week?

So I started playing Punch Out again last week, because apparently I hate myself and don't learn from past mistakes. The first two circuits are always fun and then you hit the World Circuit and it comes flooding back, "Oh right. THAT'S why I've never beaten this game before." Although, the 3DS's save states make the game way more manageable. It still has crazy good music though. And unless Nintendo botches it, Little Mac looks like he'll be fun in Smash Brothers. Further alsos, I learned that the Punch Out music is actually a real song. And it's from the “Gillette Cavalcade of Sports”. I feel like part of my youth died learning that. You lied to me, Nintendo! Everybody else, you get some bonus art in the forums out of it.