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Posted by Pip

R5B15- We Shall Call That A Maybe

Danged kids and their Hi-Fi music and their Fi-Lo necromancers. It's all so confusing to keep track of the trends in art and raising the dead! But hey, at least she was nice enough to ask before gloating.

This has been my first year to actually get to go to the talks at GDC instead of just the vendor area and it has been fantastic! GDC is one of the only industry events I actively follow and care about and dangit, it's fun to sit around and talk to professional people about games as a business and not as spectacle. I've spent hours listening to video game talks and not one person has mentioned frame rate, 1080p, or textures! The one benefit to GDC tickets being disgustingly expensive is that it keeps the event smallish and prohibits making it a consumer-concerned event. It's an educational thing so it's a lot of teachers, business people, and a large contingent of schlubs like me that got a pass from their companies. GDC is everything you don't get from the usual game sites and reviews and it's really refreshing. I've been in a bummed out “Man, video games are dumb” kind of a mood for a while now but stuff like this puts me in a “Man, video games are dumb and super awesome” state of being. Also, one dude showed his tag in his talk and I realized that I have StreetPass'd with him multiple times. AquaJew, I am in your Mii Plaza!