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Posted by Pip

R5B17- The Captain Is Serious Business

Baxter just heaps on the responsibility himself. Low self-efficacy is great for pawning off blame! Bax, it's somehow your fault the Dealer lost the election and that Sloth stomped all over the outskirts of the city and, hmmm, that the ladies don't give Greed as many head scratches as it wants. That covers all the important stuff, I think. It's the downside of having a team, followers, and respect, Bax, you can lose all of it with one small punch through the guts.

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With the Playstation 3 in its final days, it's time to look back at what was worth playing when it came out and maybe still worth playing today. This time around, we're looking at 3D Dot Game Heroes, a really great action-adventure title with some really bad design decisions.