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Posted by Pip

R5B21- So Is That A Yes

Apparently Lust shared some stories of the Sins's adventures with their hosts and the tales of Baxter didn't quite paint him in the best light.
The Captain has some deep connections. It goes all the way to top! Trust no one! Follow the money! Listen to the numbers, man! C-Chem trails? I kind of forget what I'm outraged about now.

The Patreon campaign updated with this month's Mercs pages! Give it a visit if you're looking for a fun way to support the site and get your Mercs fix.

In case your March drinking holiday drinkery was a bit too epic, here's a reminder of what actually happened last month on Sins.

And some humorous strings that somehow led to Sins that you don't have to be hungover to enjoy:
“camp site rules” - Don't feed bears? Don't have sex because then a serial killer will get you?
“sloth gives up on you” - That is an outright lie! Sloth will NEVER give up on you!
“the best defencess in the world” - Princesses of course.