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Posted by Pip

R6F5- That IS Pretty Boss

The Virtues do being reunited right. No squealing, no tears, just tackling the other party to the ground. Also the correct way to get those deliveries you've been waiting for.
And it's Destiny! EVERYBODY's favorite character from the end of Sins Venials. Let the fan art flow back in people, Destiny is back in town!

This week on Mercynaries, I think the comic is becoming self-aware. Or there really are only two outcomes for demon summoning. Vote for Sins on TWC to get this week's page!

There's some bonus art in the forums for everybody struggling with Lust-withdrawals brought on by last week's comics:

The summer heat has arrived with a vengeance, so it's time for AGWS to look back at Lost Planet. And maybe leave the rose-tinted glasses to freeze and explode in the snow while we're there.