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Posted by Pip

R6F9- Maybe they Just Wanted To Hear The Story

C'mon, Destiny. Just because you're being swarmed by some creepy crawly critters with glowing eyes doesn't mean you immediately have to jump to the worst conclusions. And you're normally such a level-headed and thoughtful lady god. Don't worry too, Balance isn't the one that had to take over ending lives. She's too cuddly to do that. Chastity has some debts to the Universe, so SHE can have the bum role.
So, did Destiny track down her missing sisters out of love, loneliness, or spite for being ditched? No matter how bad your sibling rivalry is, it's kind of a jerk move to stick all the responsibilities of Time and Space on just one person. They probably never even sent her birthday cards or left her voice mails telling her she was holding things together well. *I* like you, Destiny. Even if every reader out there doesn't.