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Posted by Pip

R6F12- Mixologists Start Working On Balance Themed Drinks

Gluttony proving her mastery over emotions and feel-lings. Whatever those things are. Hunger, anger, and sleepy are the only emotions you need to conquer worlds!
Man, now that Balance has Universetrotting powers (vastly more keen than globetrotting), she's totally ready to dimension hop with the best of them. I demand crossovers between the Sins and Mercs now. Make it happen, Balance!

We say good-bye to April by looking back at its many comics, videos, and pictures still lamenting and angered by the fact that you don't actually get any days off of work for Easter. You're useless, April! Useless!

And the ritualistic search strings that somehow led to Sins. Can theeey make April interesting?
“gender bender dna twister extreme” - Hey, as long as it keeps showing up in searches, I can mention it. The team seems to be really close to reaching a Steam Greenlight goal. Swing by and give them a vote to get them over that final hurdle!
“ditzy sloth” - Like, totally meh and stuff. Fer sure.
“imagenes de comic porno de secret agent clank” - There's the Internet being the Internet and then there's the Internet being the Internet.