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R7H2- He Probably Did Something Sometime

That's what Murd gets for not answering the door. If you don't want to be defamed and potentially sold out to government thugs, you don't let Slander get the door. It's kind of just his fault at that point, right?

This week on Mercynaries, we kick off a month long in-depth look into the horrors of buying stuff online when drunk. Or not. Vote for Sins on TWC to find out either way and get a Mercs page for free. Or contribute to the site to get the month's pages!

Quick Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2- I know, I know, I hated the first Amazing Spider-Man movie, so why did I go to see the sequel. Well thank you, reader, for remembering that review, but I had a free ticket. Amazon had the box set of Spectacular Spider-Man on sale and it came with a free ticket for ASM2. Spectacular really was a great show and if you're a fan of Spider-Man, you should totally watch it. It's a bit too heavy on the teenage drama, but the characters are well done, given good backstories, and it earns its emotional moments and super hero pay off scenes because it gave even its villains some humanity. As for the movie, it's Spider-Man 3 all over again. There are so many characters crammed into the film that nobody gets a thought out well-developed backstory so the transitions from civilian to super villain happen in the course of a few minutes. With all the characters shoved in, you get two minutes of "Norman Osborn was mean", two minutes of "Harry has daddy issues", the Green Goblin is in the movie for all of five minutes, Rhino is in the movie for all of five minutes, Allister Smythe is in it for about two minutes, even Felicia is in it for some poorly executed reason, and Electro is the main villain but even he's only in it for maybe fifteen-twenty minutes. Plot threads are introduced and then either resolved or abandoned in the span of a few scenes. The stuff with Peter's parents is the worst offender for that, but even Aunt May gets some cringe-worthy "secret" to hide from Peter that serves no purpose and doesn't further the story at all. For all the time wasted on these side tangents that go nowhere, you could have actually tried to make your main characters interesting. The final showdown against Electro is so downplayed that they have to ratchet up the tension by putting Spider-Man on a four minute timer, so unless he defeats Electro quickly, some planes will crash into each other. The rest of the movie is the thrilling on again off again romance between Peter and Gwen that's never interesting and thanks to a combination of bad actors and worse writing, it's a bore to watch. The writing and direction for Andrew Garfield's scenes seemed to involve somebody trying to tear out anything remotely likable from the character. Peter Parker only works if you care about him or like him. The movie fails at both those core things. So Amazing Spider-Man 2 has a hero you don't care about, a secret identity and his girlfriend that you can't stand, and multiple villains that don't really go anywhere or just shouldn't have in the film to begin with.

And speaking of Spiders-Mans, an awesome game idea from the SinComics studios: You play a game with thousands of upgrade orbs spread across the city, getting bonuses as you collect more and more. Then, the late game reveal is that the villain is the one that put them there to occupy and give him time to finish his creations, so the more you collect and the more achievements you have by the time you face the final boss, the worse your ending. Make sure you stick me in the credits and share some of the millions that idea makes you.
AGWS. Spider-Man. Gum ads. Thwip.

Ian Samson's City of Reality has started updating again! To honor the occasion, I thought it would be fun to do a small piece of fan art. I don't think the Sins's natural talents and tendencies for selfishness would keep them out of trouble long in Reality, so I opted for the most important common thread any two comics could have: bunny people in positions of power!

Sins fans should remember Ian from when we commissioned him at the end of Venials to do a rather spiff picture of Lust.

Hawk and the Mayor from City of Reality at:

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