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Posted by Pip

R7H5- Did You Call Your Tentacled Overlord

Delving into secret origins of Hope and intrigue are one thing, but now I can't stop thinking about doing a comic about Armageddon dealing with the hardships of being a single parent and trying to raise a demonic hellspawn.
Today's page was oddly well-timed for Mother's Day. I... did not plan that. Granted, I'm sure a sizable chunk of my audience was not birthed from a roiling mass of tentacles, but there are some parallels here. Who am I to judge your family?

Another big week of content... and adventure! But mostly content.

Big thanks go out to Kranna, your friend and mine, for submitting more fan art! Fortune gets to step into the light, and we got the picture maybe seconds before her hair caught on fire. Check out Kranna's Tumblr for more awesome art! And pictures of pretty dresses and adorable bunnies and deer. Those seem like darn good reasons to visit any site.

This week on Mercynaries, even the horrors of evil science need warning labels. Don't want to get sued or anything. Vote for Sins on TWC to get this week's page!

AGWS ends its looks back at the best of the PS3 and tie a string around your finger or put a beeper on it or something because I'm not going to find this danged planet again. Keep track of your own stuff, giant space bug monsters!