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Posted by Pip

R7H6- Glowing Eyes Help Evolution

You have to break a few eggs to conquer a dimension? I think that's how that saying goes. So Hope is pretty special! But she's still kind of wicked... Following Armageddon's excellence in inter-realm travel and ground breaking work in the field of possession, it also led to the Forces getting some of their nifty powers. Instead of the demons continuing a stagnating cycle of just consuming weaker demons and getting stronger, Hope allowed her people to channel their energy into new powers and to evolve. That's why picking the right baby name is important! With all the research and things Armageddon created, just think where it would be in the world if it didn't have such a villainous name. If you give your kid a super villain name, you really only have yourself to blame when it grows up to be a mad doctor.