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W15- Caveat Venditor

Not making fun of anything or anybody there. Nuh-uh, no way. Poor Fortune just wasnít ready for what being a Sin would entail. I do like the change of locals though. Thereís just something inherently groovy about palm trees.

On a vastly different tone from the comic, Deadwood is sooo keen. Iíve only seen the first four and a half episodes so far, but the show is great. Every episode is like a mini movie in acting, writing, and production values. Of course, you feel horribly guilty watching it just because of how vile the characters are. The only characters that are innocent so far are the doctor and the little girl, and Iím sure the doctor isnít really a good guy. Itís horrible, but you kind of root for Swearengen, the most repugnant guy in town. Heís such a bastard, but you want him to smite the people that oppose him. I think itís also the only show in recent memory where Iíve yelled at on-screen characters. Thatís the sign of good writing.

Posted by Pip

AC Guest Strips

Stupid me; almost forgot this.
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