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Posted by Pip

R7H9- ProbaSin

Hope is on her way to Vice-hood! What better way to shake off the curse of a world-destroying hated monster by joining up with a team of world-pestering somewhat tolerated monsters! The Sins are masters of keeping destructive and gluttonous appetites in check so there's no conceivable way this could backfire.

Friend of the show and mastermind behind Overlord Bob and Dungeons and Barbies, Zero, started a summer contest for the Bob universe and I took part! If you want to try your hand at creating some DLC (Divine Level Creations, of course) for the Barbiverse, check out contest rules:

And our entry! No relation to any Modesties, the Sins gang may know. Although, it could explain a few things...

Read Dungeons and Barbies at (with maybe a bit of a content warning):