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Posted by Pip

R7H11- Rules To Live By

Pride has her priorities! Sure, sure, she could have actually covered all the important stuff in the first few hours of her speech and now she's just winding down, but I'm pretty sure “you're not allowed to be cuter than me” was a reoccurring theme in her orientation.
Also, why don't more things involve boss decoder rings? I have to carry around magic key cards to ride the train and open doors at work, but how much better would that be with an awesome ring. Probably have too many people making pew pew noises with it and pretending to have Green Lantern powers. Still worth it!

This week on Mercs, the question that really every person in this comic should be screaming constantly. Vote for Sins on TWC to get this week's page!

I'm making good on my promise/threat to draw Armageddon raising Hope as a child. Even if you're the spawn of a near deity, you were still probably kind of a bratty kid. Poor book dad.