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A14- Back That Story Up

Cliched you say? Ah, but is it clichéd or is that a joke in and of itself? Answer that, smart guy. Ha!
The Sins are a fairly untrusting bunch though, while Aska maintains youthful blithering trust and acceptance. Blithering is a good word.

Inane Side Note- Robitussin DM is vile, vile stuff. Robitussin PM is fantastic yummy stuff. It tastes like Maraschino Cherries! I used to put those and their liquid into Coke to try to make homemade Cherry Coke. I wonder if the caffeine in soda would negate the sleepy effects of the PM medicine…

I seriously doubt I’m popular enough to start recommending websites, but this amused a friend and I for some time:

I particularly recommend:
Door to Door, The Danger of Cigarettes , Guide to Lesser Gods of Innocous [their spelling, not mine], Household Things, and Quantum Documentary