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Posted by Pip

R9M2- Somebody Call Sloth

Gluttony is a monster that knows her limitations. She's good at entrapment, murder, and consuming things, but coming up with a nice rational plan that doesn't lead to one of those three things isn't quite her forte. Anger and Greed are just in denial. Although, Gluttony isn't quite dispelling her sister's assessment of them. If you're going to just instantly down all your supplies upon getting home, why didn't you just eat them at the shops and then not have to carry them back to the den?! C'mon, think your monstrous appetites through! It does give her a good reason to not have to do chores though... If she eats all the groceries before the other Sins get to pick, they'll probably take her out of the shopping rotation. All is forgiven, Gluttony, you're a crafty devil and that's better than planning-smarts!