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R9M3- CapitalSinism

That poor guard just doesn't have any luck with Prides and Envies. And the poor Dealer seems to be trying to work the Lust out of her collected energy. It's always a bummer to spend time reincorporating yourself only to find out that somebody else has residual spirit goo all up in your energies. First world problems and all.

I just replayed through the Chrono Trigger remake on DS out of boredom and I usually can't stand replaying RPGs, but Chrono Trigger I seem to be able to come back to every few years. I love a good time travel epic and while there are some parts of that game that are total garbage, other parts are absolutely fantastic. The DS version is the way to go because you can abuse the new Arena fights mode to exploit a glitch and bypass the need to level grind or farm money to buy equipment. It's an otherwise completely useless mode, but the need to grind for levels, items, or money is what prevents me from replaying RPGs, so I'm thankful for that bug. The in-game art is so amazing and then they play those cutscenes with those godawful Akira Toriyama designs and Crono looks so hideous. His facial features and the shape of his skull drastically change from cinema to cinema and for a character that's described as looking too weak to lift a sword in the game, he appears as a 'roided out freak in cinematics. Ayla is great. I would play a sequel that's just Ayla doing Ayla things and probably love it. In a genre where characters are always so long-winded, preachy, or making pathetic attempts at sounding deep, Ayla just wants to punch bad things and eat everything else. The absolute best part of the game is that almost everything you do is a massive time paradox and almost everything that goes wrong is totally Crono's fault. That's really the only way to do justice to time travel stories. If you send a ragtag bunch of nobodies back in time, they're going to screw it up and you can just hope that they set everything back to where it should have been before they prevented the death of the evil space leech monster from beyond the stars.
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