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R9M4- Look To La Moona

And yet the Baron's team is still probably better funded than NASA. Boom! Space agency slam! Take THAT, prestigious science institute that only gets .5% of the United States federal budget per year despite a roughly 2:1 return on investment according to some seemingly reliable numbers I looked up about the Apollo program. In your collective faces, space nerds!
If my guidance counselor had told me moonatology was a viable career option I could have actually made something of my life!

This week on Mercynaries, the team fights the frizz in their own hyper-violent way. It's not really fair to mock other people's hair when yours is infinitely regenerating and self-perfecting. That's cheating.

Summer is officially upon us. If you were crazy and went outside instead of spending all month in front of your computer, here's what you missed on Sins.