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Posted by Pip

R9M13- Think Of The Customers

Whoa there with the multi-speech bubble put-down there, Dealer! At least she kept it classy up until the end. Just because you're trying to save the world together doesn't mean you have to be huggy and buddy-buddy. Unless you can save the world through a sass-off. Does the Moon hate sass?

This week on Mercynaries, a prime example of why you should always know your staff if you're an evil mastermind. Good relations with your workers isn't just an HR issue, it could save your whole scheme. Vote for Sins on TWC to get this week's page!

And for those of you not keeping track of the corporate comic scene, Marvel recently made some waves by announcing they'll have a new female Thor... A move Mercs pioneered over 20 weeks ago! I'll expect your royalty checks any day now, Marvel. Aaany day now.