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R9M15- Unlocking Vertical Power

So The Vice doesn't really get the most dramatic of powering-up sequences. The little guy gets to bust some heads, but it's still mainly the scarf doing the heavy lifting. Still waiting for the day when I can get my own prehensile semi-autonomous soul sucking scarf. Enough with all the “wearables” in the tech sector, I just want my own demon scarf that loves and obeys me. That doesn't seem like too much to ask.

I just kind of felt like drawing some Popful Mail art. I'm not usually one to call for remakes, but Popful Mail totally deserves one. Not enough people have played it and it's a really good game that just needs some cleanup on the controls and difficulty balancing. I love the characters, art, Working Designs's localization, and the journey you go on. It's just a really lovable game. And the bad guys are named the Gingerbread Grifter Gang! That is amaaazing!
Get on it, Falcom, Sega, Working Designs? Whichever one or more of you own that property...

Posted by Pip

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