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Posted by Pip

W18- Good Ship Lollipop

Our little Greed is a sneaking mission master. He could be out blowing up REXs and foiling Shagohods with the best of them.
I think I settled on Greedís anatomy a bit more. Greed has the tails, but it isnít worth the energy it takes to manifest them all the time. Except when he can wag them and be cute.

Happy Fatherís Day to my dad and to others. Odd coming from a comic about parentless and godless demons, but it still counts!

And of course, another Sunday this month means another guest strip I did for Accidental Centaurs. Enjoy!

Then last but certainly not least, continuing in the fine fan comic tradition of Bound, Thorn and Red have contributed their own mini-series, Sins for Hire. Thanks, guys!