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Posted by Pip

R9M19- Whiners

And THAT is why the Captain doesn't need armor. Heck, she's probably just saying “ow” so the rest of the Sins and demons don't feel bad about how weak and pitiful they are. You're just catching a moon, gang, don't act like it's a big deal. Drama queens.

This week on Mercynaries, the Mercs are very poor in their arch-neme-sis protocols. Your rival shows up from issue 2, so show a little respect! Vote for Sins on TWC to get this week's page or contribute to the site to get the month's!

We didn't hit our next Patreon art goal, but it's been two months, so I figured that added up and contacted a new artist for a Sins commission. This month's art comes to us from FBende and we get a rather evilly jovial Dealer! I love the bone jewelry accessories. She probably wears that at fancy dress events.
Only our Patreon supporters get access to the full sized image and design sketches, so check out the Sins Patreon campaign and join up for all the goodies!

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