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Posted by Pip

R9M21- Call The Cops On The Moon

Oh... Well... That's a bummer.
Hey, at least we got some cameos out of squishing the world. Good to see you again, Old Gluttony!

Friend of the show and artist of the only soon-to-be-released on Steam game plugged on this site, Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme, DKDevil has started up a series of art streams and there are whispers in the air that some fan art may be done this Saturday... Or some time early next week... Stop by, say “hi”, watch some arts be drawn, and listen to some music!

DK wasn't sure what time he'd be streaming so keep an eye on his gallery. He usually posts stream times there:

And your weekend bonus art, the return of anagrams! Now that Mercs has taken over the contribution incentives, I don't get to do these as much and I've missed them a bit.