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Posted by Pip

R9M26- Now Give The World A Stuck Jam Jar

The demons needs to work on their abilities to celebrate a victory. You have to at least give everybody a single page of happiness before you start moping that you didn't punch the bad guys last, shying away from congratulatory hugs, or that evolution fused your legs to a tree. Baxter, the people need your cheering skills now more than ever!
Also, yay everybody wasn't crushed by an evil monster coated in space debris! I already destroyed one world and its inhabitants, I couldn't do that a second time. At least so close together.

As thanks for all the awesome work DK has done with Sins and Mercs and for generally being pretty keen, I wanted to do a little Dina and Lynn fan art for him. You have to figure that Lust would be pretty quick to sell out her friends. At least she can claim it's all in the name of science. You want a human to force some untested chemicals on? She can get her hands on that. You want a fuzzy demon? Blob of goo? Pumpkin-headed thing? Lust is your one stop shop for "volunteers".

Lynn and Dina from Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme, which you can download at:

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