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Posted by Pip

R9M27- Savior Lug

One does not just hug the true savior and master of the world, Labor! That's presuming an awful lot there Joy. Such lowly creatures may be deemed fit to get snacks out of tall cupboards, but the audacity of hugs!

So my computer died today. Thankfully, I back up my Sins and Mercs work daily, but lost a lot of old files. My last computer to crap out on me at least had the decency to show warning signs and give me a chance to back everything up, but not my Mac. My piece of crap, godawful Mac. I don't think I've ever owned a computer that I've hated that much or that has given me as much grief as that Mac. Never again will I make the mistake of buying an Apple computer. So, I got no work done today, spent the night cursing at a failing inanimate object, and spent the rest of the night copying over my backups to my “backup” laptop that is now my primary computer and to which I get to spend the rest of the rest of tonight installing programs and download drivers to.