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Posted by Pip

R10T5- It Looks Like Riots In L33t

You be quiet, Fluffy! We don't need your “logic” or “reasonable ideas” 'round these parts! Sure Pride and Modesty may SEEM like they're having a reasoned debate but they're totally about to bust out giant auras of conflict and lay out a Lincoln-Douglas smackdown on each other.

This week on Mercynaries, while the Mercs are getting things squared away with the Valkyrie, we're going to hop on over to Sam as he makes good on his promise to spread some chaos and mess with the team! Vote for Sins on TWC to get this week's page for free! Big thanks to everybody that joined up with the Patreon campaign to get the month's pages!

Exciting news for friends of the site and givers of Sins cameos, Lach and DK of Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme! Their game is now up on Steam! If you were looking to give it a shot but were waiting for it to move to a platform other than Desura, now's your chance to pick it up and immediately jump over to Zara's campaign to bask in that Lust costume goodness. Suuure it would probably make more sense to actually play through the early parts of the story first, but the option is there!

And with their announcement, they've generously donated some keys for a contest. I have one Steam key and two Desura keys (which can also be used to generate Steam keys) for a total of three free copies of GBDNATE to give away to some lucky Slapeggs!

Your mission:
Design a product for Abaddon Labs to create now that it has Lynn and Dina's gender bending morphing serums. The game is chock full of morphs so you have A LOT of options. Are they using it for evil? Is it a handy medicine that no home should be without? You decide!

Draw, write, or create a product for Abaddon Labs either explaining what the product and its morph would be or show it in use. If you can work the Sins, Mercynaries, or characters from GBDNATE into it, that's not a requirement, but I'm sure it will be worth some bonus points...
Keep it site appropriate. It's okay to risque, but anything explicit or that I'd be embarrassed for my parents to see on the site won't be accepted.
Watch your copyrighted characters. You can't submit an entry with your favorite anime or game character or anything like that.
Don't be a jerk. Just covering my bases with this rule.
Offer void where prohibited, you have to be old enough to download the game or enter in your place of living. Entries are owned by Lach, DK, and I.
Send me your entry or a link to where you've posted it by September 21, 2014. You can send your entry to:
The winners will be chosen by Lach, DK, and I and the top three will get the keys. Let's say that first and second prize get the Desura/Steam keys and third prize will get the Steam key. Depending on how many entries there are, I'd be happy to send some Mercs pages to runners-up if we get enough entries to need another prize tier.