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R10T6- I Could Find A Better Me Than Me

The Sins at least have a bit of experience in passing the torch of their respective Sin, but that was always at their whim and when they decided they were done with the role. The poor Virtues don't have that kind of background. I don't think Labor is equipped to handle the existential crisis that would come in seeing another Labor. The poor guy can barely understand the concept of just not getting into bar fights and now you want him to look deep within himself and judge his own worth?!

It's time for another commission thanks to the awesome support of the people that contribute to the site and help us out on Patreon! This month's art comes to us from Imric, who readers should recognize from the comic Dungeons & Barbies (which we have linked on the Links page) and from a lot of really awesome Overlord Bob art. Imric brings us a look into what Lust and Pip would look like in the Overlord Bob universe. Lust would naturally be a champion adventurer with her minion Pip, who would probably befall some kind of curse or spell minutes after setting off on an adventure.

Members of our Patreon campaign get access to the full-sized images and the design sketches, so head on over to Patreon and show the Sins some love if you can!

Huge thanks to Imric for doing such a fantastic job on the pictures! You can check out his gallery (adult bits warning) for more of his amazing art:

And go read Dungeons & Barbies to experience the Overlord Bob universe!