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Posted by Pip

R10T9- Glory Be To The Froya

Humans! They're always causing some kind of problem. Whining about demons invading their realm and kidnapping people so they go and shut down the links between worlds. Great foresight, humans! Sure you got a few thousand years of more safety and freedom but at the cost of inconveniencing our future comic heroes! So selfish!

This week rings in another Sins anniversary! We're going on 9 years, Slapeggs! As part of a celebration, I was working on another Sins Manitou game and now you can play it! Right here! Actually, here:

I was toying around with the idea of Mega Man Battle Network meets a Tower Defense kind of game. As is the standard, it's pretty simple and there are only a few levels, so it's more of an idea prototype than a full game. But you can play it, dangit! It should work on all HTML5 compatible browsers regardless of your OS as long as you're not blocking Javascript or anything. The controls are the mouse and the arrow and number keys for gameplay and you can use S and L to save and load.