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R10T12- Fun For Kids Of All Ages

I do not take kindly to this implication that god lord Sloth is not the mightiest thing in all the realms.
We ALL want to watch a semi-immortal god trapped in a kid's body get punched in the face a few times, but it's SUCH a hassle to see that without landing in jail. Thanks for taking one for the team, Labor. This most certainly isn't the kind of thing the Sins will quarrel with the Dealer over who gets to sell the tickets and run concessions.

The Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme contest winners have been notified and thanks to everybody for their entries! The winners will be sent their Desura and/or Steam keys from the GBDNATE team and runners up have the option of Mercs issues.
I had a few requests to keep names private so I'll leave it up to the entrants to post or contact me to post their specific entries, but I can provide a quick anonymous run down.

Fantasy Serum- The person that drinks it morphs into an idealized version of a person along a theme (cheerleaders, princesses, etc). We were given permission to post this one:
Morph Watch- A watch-like device that can store, alter, and recall various morphs. And it tells time.
Sugardome Crystals- A laser powered by crystals that can morph people, but with side-effects if you mess up the positive and negative ends... We got permission to post this one for all to see:

Runners Up:
Morph Suit- A wearable suit that can morph to disguise the person in it.
Shyco Potion- A potion that forces the imbiber to become extremely shy, but dangerously clingy if the shyness is stopped.

Big thanks to everybody that entered. Give me a shout if you're okay with me posting your entry on the site!
Also big thanks to the team behind GBDNATE for donating the keys and joining up with us on the contest! Check out the game and the coming update with the next character and story!