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Posted by Pip

R10T14- She Has The Touch

Joy's moments of victory are mighty, yet fleeting. She had the whole world in her hands only to be crushed by the fact that even Joy doesn't fit her own requirements.
Part of the changes to the team is that not everybody will be an existing cast member and I wanted to work some new blood into the dynamic. New world, new group with their own neuroses and crippling interpersonal issues!

The site hosting company did some work last night and naturally that brought everything down as I was trying to upload the comic and had to wait until next day to do it. Oh, Dreamhost, your constant terribleness at upgrades and changes would be comedic if I wasn't paying you money. Now they're just sad. Sorry for anybody that couldn't access the page.

This week on Mercynaries, this really isn't Sam's doing. It's scientists that are evil, not Sam. Well, Sam is a scientist too, so... Man, that really messes things up... Vote for Sins on TWC to get this week's page!