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Posted by Pip

R10T15- Joger Angoy

Ah, that's the stuff. It's not Sins joy if it's not joy full of hate.
As the new member, Joy/Anger fits nicely into the kind of a dude/monster slot but distinguished enough from Envy's more monster than dude and kind of adorable look. You need diversity.

What could you have missed out on in Sins for September? Well an appreciation of the beauty of Fall and the beauty of not having to go back to school because the Sins are old and revel in their ignorance. Also, comic pages.

To start the month off, I had a dumb game idea in my head that I just had to get out, so I present to you... Laser Eyes.
It's not comic-related and it really doesn't have any story. It's just a dumb romp high-score focused game. Have fun!

Or you can play it on Kongregate!