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W21- Spur Of Delights

W21- Spur Of Delights

Oooh! Reward him with cake and candy! No? You think something else?
Having a money sense would be groovy. Money senses tingling... Thereís a payphone with a quarter in it nearby! Probably a classic error to keep your money in chest or sack form. Thatís a dead giveaway that you have something to hide. At least there wasnít a big dollar sign on it.

I hope everybody had a good Gay Pride Day on Sunday. Why thereís a whole holiday devoted to seeing Pride happy, I donít know. But Iím sure she thanks you for it.

Those of you that think Lustís morphing powers are the beeís knees and the catís pajamas all at once, may be interested to know that Sins contibutor Taralynn has written a story and not only posted it online, but she got your favorite comic creator (thatís me, ya know) to do some pictures for it.
While Taralynnís story is G-rated, a lot of the stories on that site are not. Heed the entry warning to the site ( and mind the ratings. Thereís some weird and nasty stuff around. Fair warning.