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Posted by Pip

R10T20- It Starts With L For Lady

Filo and his ridiculous madness! What kind of a twisted mind could come up with such an odd and frightening suggestion?!
If only Lust and Chastity had settled their differences when everybody was still alive; we wouldn't have this problem and would know who the one true Virtin and Sintue was. Maybe they could have had a rap battle. Or at least a dance-off! I'm sure somebody with prehensile hair could do some pretty sick headspins.

This week on Mercynaries, that's what you get for having “super agility” as your lone super power. Some villain is going to come by, hit you with a power inverter, and BAM! No agility. You deserve that. Super leaping. Sheesh...
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In September, we hit a milestone on the Sins Patreon campaign so it was time for another commissioned picture! Since she's stepping up to become the new Pride and even more awesome, it's about time we honored Jin with a picture! Phew, host, pirate queen, ambassador to Fate, honorary Demon Realm resident, and now full-fledged Sin. Isn't there anything Jin can't do?

This month's art was commissioned from Lufidelis and you can find her gallery at:

Contributors to the site get the picture at full resolution and the design sketches, so help out the comic on our Patreon page! It's the kind of generous act pirates are known for.