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Posted by Pip

R Intermission

And that's the ending of the Sins Revenant chapter and the new team is prepping for their adventures! I'll spend the rest of this week switching the site over to the new chapter: Fugue. We already have a shiny new logo and name up, feel free to explore and find the other changes before Monday!

With the switch to Sins Fugue and some changes in my life with new job responsibilities, I'm going to make some changes to the site and comic. Frankly, after nine years of running the comic, I kind of think it's time to finally admit to myself that the site will never be as grand as I hoped. Granted, it was a fun failure but the original idea was that I'd build up a set of characters and a world that people cared about, build interest, and then make something more out of the comic, like getting a video game made. Nine years later, readership levels haven't really changed much, the site doesn't make enough money to let me reduce my hours at work to create bigger projects or fund ideas for the site, and I struggle to get people to participate in community events. It's time to admit that this comic will never be a job for me and the odds of getting a game or series made out of it are low to the point of non-existent. Part of it might just be that people don't want a long form story-driven webcomic. A larger part of it is likely that people don't want such a comic with my art and writing.
Why not quit altogether? Because I love drawing and writing the comic, making the smaller games myself, working on the side projects, and the people that do participate on the site make me feel super lucky! I'm honored every time a contribution or picture or kind email comes in to the site. I just need it to be something that I do for fun rather than pushing myself day after day to get everything done. I never want Sins to feel like an obligation rather than something I love. And I do love the interaction I get with people. Talking with everybody that sends in fan art, contributes, or just posts in the chat is probably the best part of my day. Even if I stopped doing Sins, I'd still be drawing and making games, so there's no sense completely throwing in the towel. So instead of traditional comic pages, I'll do smaller story book style pages along the lines of what I do with Mercs and keep up with Mercynaries and the just for fun art in the forums and on our Tumblr. I hope you'll stick with the site through the Fugue chapter because I think there are some fun characters to come!