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Posted by Pip

F1- Down To Six Already

It's our first page of the latest Sins chapter: Fugue! The team has moved from their home world to a brand new realm of humanity, but one that has forgotten the poor Sins. It's also apparently a world quick to try to maim them.
Even though Fugue is the fourth chapter of Sins, I want it to be a good jumping in point for new readers and to offer a bit more for our long time fans. If you are a new reader, welcome! There are some handy links at the bottom of this post to help you get the most reading enjoyment out of the comic. Knowledge of the happenings of the last chapters will let appreciate the story more, but it's not required. I'll explain anything above and beyond what you can get from the comic in the notes for each page and you can always reach out and ask questions!

The side comic, Mercynaries, will still be going strong through the new Sins chapter. And Sam has gone so deep that he's swishing around a goblet. No, Sam! That path only leads to villainy!
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