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W22- Exposing Yourself To The Public

W22- Exposing Yourself To The Public

You’re a Force of the universe, lost your body and are now a shade, you’re commanded by people and do their will, you were bought at auction, and you served as a lackey granting wishes and only now and just one thing bothered you?! Man, Lust is hard to weird out.
Thus ends this part of the story arc, but! It’s actually only part one of a three part series, so there’s more to be had. Hope you enjoy the rest as well.

Ultimate Spider-Man comics are keen! I just finished up the collection with the Sinister Six and it was sooo well done. Well done to the point of “wait, I think I forgot to eat” because you get wrapped up in it. Marvel has earned a lot of respect from me lately. Between some of the new Ultimate series and Marvel Zombies and, while I haven’t read them they sound really neat, House of M and Civil War, Marvel has actually done something interesting with superhero comics again.