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Posted by Pip

F3- Visit Scenic Humanity

Or maybe Pride is just a liar. I mean, she WAS human so it's a possibility that she'd want to put a good face forward for the pro-human tourism board. Lies or not, the new Sins team is peppy! Adventure! Mystery! Exploring! Oceans!

The Archive button on the site has been updated. The first Archive page is Venials, then Revenant, and the most recent and default one is for Fugue. Glory be to Dave for all his site help! Give that man a round of applause for being awesome!

The Sins got to celebrate Halloween last time, so now it's the Mercs' chance! And there are hazards to dressing up as your friend. Ruth is clearly still in the joking comparisons to fruit/melons sizing, not sports equipment. C'mon Mercy!

With Halloween ringing out the end of the month, just what did the Sins do outside of crafting quality, sassy costumes?