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Posted by Pip

F17- Using Your Legs Like Cavemen

The Sins are an embarrassment to modern convenience. How can you grow lazy and wasteful under the riches of an advanced society if you insist on going out and moving around your own power? Hopefully the Builder can at least strap Sloth to a roller skate or something. Unless he has a secret store of rocketpacks... Then legs or squiggly butts be damned, it's flying time!

The Sins and Mercynaries Patreon campaign continued hitting its milestones, so it's time for more art! If you want in on the joys that are other people drawing fancy pictures of Sins and Mercynaries characters, join our Patreon campaign! Members receive the month's Mercs pages and the full-sized versions of commissions and any extras the artists send along the way.

This month's picture comes to us from Rick Celis! The rumors of the Huluminati were true and Lust has fallen to their rhythmic and hip-shaking groove that quite frankly we would all sit back and let take over society.

Big thanks to Rick for taking on this month's assignment, even though it may put him under the alluring but watchful eye of the Huluminati. Check out his gallery at: