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F21- Sharing Too Much Knowledge With Knowledge

She totally said, umm, deploy the twirled. Yes, that's it! If left alone, Sloth with deploy the twirls. It will be joyous and fun and full of mirth. The stompy smashy kind of mirth that wipes towns off the map. The new Forces have that kind of fun too, I'm sure of it. Sigh, the Sins have never been great with first impressions.

With the holiday tidings upon us all, the Mercynaries universe brings us a brand new game to play right in your browser! It's “Mind Your Manors”! Guide your character who has made the always wise decision to enter an abandoned mansion and, since it takes place in the Mercs world, he'll have some trials to overcome through platforming fun and boss fights. With such exciting features as:
Four endings!
A game over screen!
Saving AND loading (must be done manually)!
A roughly ten to fifteen minute run time depending on which ending you're going for!

Play it today at:

Posted by Pip

12122014 Chatbox

It looks like Chatango is having some site issues right now, so the chatbox isn't displaying. Once Chatango is up and running again, our beloved chatbox should be back!