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P2- Icky Ichor

Drama! Mystery! Intrigue!
I know it’s wrong of me, but wilted Gluttony is actually a little humorous look. Poor, evil demon. Envy’s chest wound looks keen too, and I just watched Aliens again today (comic was drawn far in advance, no ripping off done here). The special edition is keen if only for the scenes with the initial family finding the Xenomorph ship. And “Xenomorph” is completely fun to say.
Congrats go out to one, Mr. Luprand on his Button Day win. Day 6’s blank page will be posted by week’s end. Make sure you send your script in for a chance to win your prize. Thanks!

Our first month being listed on Top Web Comics went quite well. Thanks to everybody’s support, we made it to the Top 100! Since we were 32 spots above 100, I took $32 off the donations needed for the next page of DToM. Thanks for your votes (remember to vote daily if you so desire) and I say we go for Top 50 this month!
For the site searches, a lot of you seem to be going to Pride route and running searches on yourself. Glad to come up for you! This month’s winner of Pip’s favorite search string leading to the site is: the virtue of the sin greed. On the level it was likely used, it’s normal, but if you put the emphasis on different words, it makes it sound like there’s virtue in greed. You have to like the sound of that!
New month means a new wallpaper as a “thanks for donating”. This month’s and the other months’ previews have been moved to their own folder in the gallery, so be sure to check them out. Oh, and if you want, I can edit to down to PSP sized wallpapers. It actually still looks pretty neat on the PSP’s screen despite the funky dimensions. 480 by 272? What is THAT?!