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Posted by Pip

F23- Super Best Friend Forces Forever

That's basically how all meetings should go down, both in the normal AND business world. I'm thoroughly disappointed that my sales team won't confirm that they don't intend to kidnap or bludgeon me after each meeting. If they weren't planning on doing it, why wouldn't they swear to my safety!? You too, HR! If you won't promise me that I'm safe from super-science soda, then how can I trust the drink machine!

I was trying to think of a community event we could do while I have some time out of the office for the holiday break, but my computer/Internet connection couldn't handle doing art streams, so how about an art trade event instead? That seems like it could be fun. If you do a picture for the site (Sins, Mercs, DDG, Lust and Pip, etc), I'll do a picture for you in return. Does that sound interesting to you Slapeggs? If you want to take part, send me an email with what you were thinking about drawing and a description of what you'd want in return ( ). I'll see how many requests come in and then notify people if the trade is on. If there's a huge response, I probably won't be able to do ALL of them, so don't start your part until you hear from me. That sounds like a nice event in the holiday spirit!