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Posted by Pip

F25- Affection And Cannibalism Are Very Similar

Don't worry, Gluttony, we all feel that way. The awe and wonder of the Librarian thing, not the eating people's hearts to gain their powers thing. I mean, statistically I'm sure sure SOME readers feel that way about eating hearts, but they're probably in the minority. Right? I'm going on record saying that you shouldn't be creepy when first meeting people. But if by the fifth date you can't have an honest conversation about whether eating somebody's heart or initiating a Quickening is the best way to gain an opponent's powers, you're probably not meant for each other.

This week on Mercynaries, continuing not really knowing how HR functions, this may very well be the way promotions work. I need to start drinking more cans of chemicals around the office if I'm ever going to stop being a grunt...
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