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Posted by Pip

F29- Honesty Is The Best Return Policy

Sorry, Mystery Force Dude, but you're going to have to wait one more page. The Librarian wants no part of this nonsense so she's grabbing her Sin and getting the heck out of there. Never before has winning by default felt so sweet. Sure it means heartbreak for Gluttony to find out that her new idol after a day finds her creepy, but Envy being just slightly less disagreeable than the rest of the team is still a win. It might even be slightly more of a win than winning out of pure pity.

Happy Calendar Day, Slapeggs! With a brand new set of Forces, the Sins have a brand new set of people to corrupt and teach bad habits to. I bet these two are awesome drunks. The Builder starts making time machines and ray guns and all kinds of super science and the Librarian cuts loose. Be cool, Lib, be cool.

I think a “Last Year On Sins” might be a BIT too verbose, but that doesn't mean we can't have one final look back at a month of Sins bonus content for the year. So much art! And games! It's a good way to blow out 2014 and over the holiday break, plenty more content for 2015 was made.