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Posted by Pip

F30- Love The Someone Else You Are With

Dude finally gets his time in the spotlight and he's shot down immediately. Granted, you'd think somebody representing the idea of Love would know better than to try to use a cheesy pickup line, but you still don't disrespect a man like that in his own home!Greed will be your friend, Love. Greed will be everybody's friend!

And a small bonus holiday picture for a friend. I had it done earlier but had to wait until Love was formally introduced... Love's game is strong, but Blair has no tolerance for it, dorky adorableness or not!

Guest starring Blair from friend of the site Draco's comics. Read MMM and the rest of them at his sites!

Also as a bonus for the new year, it's time for another piece of commissioned art thanks to the support of the members of the Sins Patreon campaign! The Librarian is new to the comic so she needs lots of art to catch up with the team!

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