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Posted by Pip

F31- Girl I Must Warn You

Now that just has to hurt Love. Perfectly reasonable guy, immediately shot down. Pretty lady, immediately accepted. Her name is Poison and his name is Love! She has a skull painted on her face! Well, if Sloth likes her and she likes Sloth, she can't be THAT bad. ...Or she's planning on melting Sloth down into some kind of horrible toxin! ...Or maybe Sloth just has a thing for gods with pointy ears. I don't know what to feel!

We have a special surprise to start out the new year with Mercynaries! The Mercs universe is going to go head-to-head with the Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme universe in our first crossover with a special two-month event! You don't have to have played the game to enjoy it, but it will help to catch up on some extra jokes and cameos.
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Huge thanks to DK and Lach for this opportunity.
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