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F32- Time Will Tell

There's a cosmic law out there about people in robes needing to be spooky and mysterious. It must be the hoods. Modesty on the old Sins and Virtues team at least wore a helmet/bag. It's hard to be THAT creepy with a jaunty paper bag on your head. So lest anybody think that Time is just Modesty Mk 2, it's fully intended that we'll see what Time is hiding with that hood. Now the suspense and intrigue are in you!

Over the holiday break, we did some art trades, so here we go. A gift for Kranna of her Pokemon trainer and some of her favored crew and a gift for Merlin of the character Loki from his comic:

And in return, Merlin sent over a fancy picture of Lust:

Check out Merlin's comic at:

Kranna sent over a preview of her picture and it's going to be well worth the wait. But the Pokemon are all about Nintendo:

Not Really A Game Review: Donkey Kong Jungle Beat- Man, Jungle Beat is a great game! Even the Wii version is fun. Granted, the Wii Remote sure as hell is not a bongo controller, but it still retains most of the charm. Clapping is now directional with the remote, so the game seems less fluid and the bosses are more frustrating, but the core game retains its fun. Out of all the crap that Nintendo has been shoveling out the past years, how did Jungle Beat never get a sequel!?