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Posted by Pip

F33- Anger Is Basically The Bed Bug Sin

It's not just the Sins that can claim ownership of the new Forces, poor Sloth got appropriated itself. Sleep and Dreams looks pretty chill though. Any god-like being that can hang out in a bathrobe and a tie or cravat has to be pretty great. But really, Sloth is secretly cursing the Builder for piping in before Sleep and Dreams made itself known. They're a match made in heaven!

Merlin surprised us with some extra, extra art! It's not enough for the Sins to get some fan art love, the new Forces need it too!

Thanks again and now we all have an extra reason to check out Merlin's comic at:

And once you're done with the art, why not play a game? And why not Phager Gun! It's an action-puzzle game with a simultaneous matching game and an action game. I thought it was pretty neat and it was a lot of fun to work on, so give it a shot and leave some comments on what you thought. Play it here: