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Posted by Pip

F39- Tainted Love

See, Greed, there IS something to like in all this gooey unpleasant love business! Happiness makes people weak and inattentive! Loot, my friend, loot! Unless of course all these villagers spent their money on flowers and greeting cards and candles... No matter how inspiring Love's speeches are, it shouldn't result in candles being given as gifts!

While Dina gets to play friends with Sam's super fighting robot, we can take a look at how some other interactions with Mercs and GBDNATE characters might go. Thor normally gets to lord it over puny mortals with her powers and a modest height advantage, but poor Dan never stood a chance. You need more foof on your dress, Dan! It will make you appear larger and scarier. If it works for bears, it should work for gods.

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